Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamic massage is an invitation for you to focus on your body through different techniques of touch. This will enable you to experience how it feels to be touched on the outside of your body, and how it feels on the inside.  This can be the beginning of a journey for you to digest, complete and resolve stuck cycles of feeling and can promote more self-understanding, spontaneity and choice in your life.

Biodynamic massage is especially of benefit to you if you are working with issues of body image; exploring trauma in your body; dealing with stress; feeling stuck in your life; or being in transition. It can strengthen and contain if you are feeling weak and unsupported;  increase a sense of well-being; bring awareness and flow to the breath, encouraging expansion and aliveness; can help relieve chronic symptoms e.g. headaches, tension, pain, digestive problems and insomnia.

How does it work ?
An electronic stethoscope is used during the massage which is placed on your belly or lower back in order for your peristalsis, or ‘tummy rumblings’ to be heard.  These sounds give feedback and information to me regarding what is happening in your system.

Biodynamic massage involves different techniques of massage or holding, either on the skin, tissue, muscle or bone – directly on your body, or in your energetic field.  Some techniques are relaxing and soothing, and some are invigorating and enlivening.  A specific technique is selected for you after your consultation at each session.  This is in order to help you to self-regulate and allows your natural body rhythm to take it’s course.

Biodynamic massage takes into consideration the therapeutic relationship between the client and therapist. This contributes to the depth that this massage can offer.  Trust is an important ingredient that is built on by the therapist being open, present and sensitive to comments and non-verbal signals from the client.  You will be invited to gently become aware of how you experience your body during the sessions, e.g. sensations, feelings, or lack of them, memories or images.  This will help you to learn more about yourself.  Being more in touch with yourself can be an organically transformative experience as it can open the way for you to follow what it is you need to do.

Biodynamic massage sessions can be taken on their own, or as part of our psychotherapeutic relationship. You are welcome to have biodynamic massage as an additional therapy if you are already in counselling or psychotherapy, however you will need to inform your counsellor or psychotherapist.

What to expect
In the first session you will be asked to say a little about your life and medical history.  All information is treated as strictly confidential.

During the massage you can be fully or partly dressed, whichever feels more comfortable to you.

Although after one session you may feel some benefit, I recommend regular sessions over a period of weeks or months so that a sustained change is made possible.

It was brought to the UK in 1968 by Gerda Boyesen, a Norwegian psychologist, physiotherapist and psychotherapist.  She recognised a strong link between the emotional and physical aspects of ourselves.  She believed that stress and trauma impacted on the body, not only on a muscular level, but also on the nervous and digestive systems.

She agreed with the hypothesis that unexpressed emotions and uncompleted cycles of feelings and actions can get stuck in the body. Through her development of Biodynamic Massage, she discovered that it was not only food, but feelings, emotions and experiences that were digested through the gut too.

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