Integrative Supervision

I offer supervision, consultancy and mentoring to psychotherapists, counsellors and body therapists.

Supervision is a place for you to reflect on your work with clients. It is also a place for you to look at your own personal process in the context of your professional work within a supportive, containing relationship.

As I work relationally, our relationship can help enlighten what may be happening with you and your clients, and you may find you achieve a greater understanding of your skills and abilities and challenges.

I create an experimental, experiential space that can help shine a light on your interactions to find more insight and understanding. Having a different viewpoint can help untangle and absorb any disturbances, distress, stuckness, wariness or avoidance you may be experiencing in your work.

I believe that supervision is a place for new learning in the therapeutic triad and I am interested in your modality and your beliefs about how you work. The sessions are a place to co create a way of working together that best suits you. E.g. how best you feel supported and what helps you to learn.

I have a diploma in Integrative Supervision from The Minster Centre.